Chronic Life Podcast

Chronic Life Podcast, with Don Peterson & Dr. Kevin J. Payne, promotes living well beyond our diagnoses. Half of us now live with chronic conditions. The reality isn’t what we, our loved ones, or even health professionals expect. Our challenges go beyond biomedical: mindset, emotions, behaviors, relationships, and unfavorable environments. Those concerns can overwhelm us, but they don’t have to. We want to be good “patients,” but more important, we need to live good lives. CLP blends findings from medical, social, and behavioral science with practical advice born of living with, and caring for, chronic conditions. Our lively conversations know no boundaries and include every voice: those diagnosed; loved ones and caregivers; health entrepreneurs, executives, and researchers; and medical, health, and wellness professionals.


Episode #10: Who am I?

Don Peterson

Don Peterson is a life-long technology guy. He worked for Silicon Valley’s Advanced Micro Devices for 10 years after which he founded and ran DeskStation Technology, a designer and manufacturer of high-speed graphics computing systems. Twelve years after DeskStation’s sale to Samsung, Don founded Infusion Express, an IV therapy business now with locations throughout the US. Infusion Express was the 60th fastest growing company on the Inc 500 list and the 2nd fastest growing healthcare company. Don also started the Kansas City Big Data Meetup group that is over 1200-members strong and organizes the annual Kansas City Big Data Summit. Don is a former Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a patent in biometric security, and studied economics at American University

Kevin Payne

Dr. Kevin J. Payne is a scientist, entrepreneur and author. Your Life, Lived Well (get Chapter 1 free) presents a new understanding of what it’s like to live with a chronic health condition and shows both diagnosed and caregivers how to improve quality of life. It also relates his journey with multiple sclerosis and giving care. His company, Chronic Cow™, is a labor of love. It uses cutting-edge analytics to deliver improved quality of life: practical answers, grounded in science, driven by data, delivered with compassion, and personalized for you. A research methodologist and data scientist, he’s studied how people best thrive under distress and disadvantage since the 90s. He’s designed, managed, or consulted on more than 1,000 projects. He’s educated, inspired, and entertained tens of thousands through his classes, workshops, and speeches. After 15 years as a professor, he left to become a serial entrepreneur. He’s led enterprise generating millions in annual revenue and double-digit growth. He was born and raised in the Kansas City Metro. He adores activities with heights and pointy objects, can’t have too many books, is a lifelong tech geek, loves collecting new experiences, is devoted to his animals, pretty fond of his kids, and is sometimes a pirate.

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Like Dr. Payne, half of us live with a chronic diagnosis. We quickly learn it’s not what we expect and the system doesn’t meet our needs. He’s devoted my career to fixing that problem. Through his company, podcast, book, and other materials, he guides you through lifestyle changes that will specifically work to improve your health and quality of life with a chronic condition.

If you need to change your life or live better with your chronic health condition, Chronic Cow™ might deliver the tools and support you need. If you’re curious about whether Chronic Cow™ can help you, try supporting the mission through either of our crowdfunding options. You’ll get exclusive content, advance access, individualized insights, live conversations, and special discounted offers.